October 27, 2012

After this morning's events, I was reminded of a few funny/weird conversations with women that went the route of them saying, "I'd like to have your baby." (The weird part of those conversations is that I was talking to women who were married to other men.)

Skipping the moral issues ... I was just watching a show where a child yelled at her mother, "You should have never had any children!" Well, that's how most of my conversations ended, at least in my own mind, thinking that it would be better if I never brought a child into this world.

I do think the world would be a better place if everyone had OBEs on a regular basis, if we all knew and felt that we are spirits having a human experience. That would be wonderful. But any time I've had a conversation about having children, it always ends with me thinking about mornings like this morning.

I can deal with these things, but I don't wish them on anyone else, especially not a young child. For instance, when I see my thirteen year old niece, I could never wish this on her. That's too much for a child, especially without any guidance. If I was thinking about having a child with a woman, I would have had to have this conversation with her beforehand.

So, if you ever wondered if I have children, and if not, why not, there's Reason #2. (Reason #1 is that my wife and I didn't want to have children together.)

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