OBE at 11

October 30, 2012

After working until 4am today (Monday), I went to sleep very tired, and immediately dreamed of being a police office that was interrogating someone. Even now I remember a few interesting parts, such as pushing a document across the table and asking the suspect about it.

I slept on and off until 10am, then got up. I was a little tired all day, but not as bad as expected. I finally went to bed around 9pm, then had a short OBE at 11pm. It wasn't anything major, just a short episode, like this Astral house guard experience. I didn't think to leave any cards out, so there wasn't much for me to do. I looked around the apartment a little bit, checked that I locked the front door, the usual things. But because I know where everything is, it's not like I could have looked at anything as "evidence" I was having an OBE. The only way I know to test that is to have a card out, where you theoretically have a one in fifty-two chance of seeing it correctly.

I should add that this was also a surprise, because my stomach was upset, and I had no expectation of anything happening.

Right now the bummer part is that I'm wide awake at midnight, but I really don't feel like working.

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