Crap, I'm asleep

October 31, 2012

I actually managed to not have an OBE last night, but settled for a dream that was so real I did some work, and cleaned the apartment a little bit until I noticed something wrong, and thought, "Crap, I'm asleep", at which point I woke up. In this case the dream environment (aka, holodeck), was so real that I didn't even bother to question it. Fortunately I remember the work I did last night, and I can apply it to my real work today.

(I just looked down to make sure I have five fingers on each hand. I'm 99% sure I'm awake as I type this. :)

As for the non-OBE, all I can say is that there was a long distance between 3:35pm and the time I went to sleep, and I felt very different by that time. There were a lot of extremely interesting dreams during the night, but no OBEs.

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