Traveling back to the midwest ... soon

November 4, 2012

After taking a few days off from the OBE business to enjoy some margaritas, I'll be back on the case tomorrow. I'm also planning a trip back to the midwest soon, probably in about two weeks.

The margaritas are keeping things quiet on this end. They help me sleep through the night, probably something like a normal human being.

I did have a bad dream the night before I started drinking again. Honestly, while I wasn't thinking about it consciously, that's probably why I started drinking again. It's hard when you see people you love getting hurt, especially when there's nothing you can do about it. You don't get a date or time, you just get a vision of what's going to happen.

In this case, which I didn't report here, I saw someone I know getting hurt. I was in the middle of a normal lucid dream two or three nights ago when the dream holodeck suddenly changed, and I saw these startling and unsettling images. If you can imagine sitting at your computer, reading this blog post, and then in the next instant your entire scenery changes to something else, something you can't control, that's what this is like. Based on my experience with rapid changes to the dream landscape, I expect this thing to happen, though again, I have no idea when. So, as I wrote, I'll be traveling back to the midwest as soon as I can.

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