Synchronicity events

November 8, 2012

A few synchronicity events to report. First, for several days I've been stalked by thoughts of Javier Bardem, stalked to the point where I was saying to myself, "Leave me the f--- alone." I love his old movies, especially The Dancer Upstairs, but I couldn't think of any reason I should be thinking about him constantly. But if you pay more attention to the entertainment world than I do, you probably already know what I learned yesterday, that he's playing the villain in the new James Bond movie.

(One could easily argue that this isn't a synchronicity thing, that I probably saw an ad somewhere, even if only out of the corner of my eye. I won't argue with that possibility, other than to say I've signed a personal oath with myself that everything on this website needs to be true, and I have no conscious memory of ever seeing an ad or any other hint about this. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn yesterday that he's playing the villain.)

Another event occurred this morning when I walked over to a restaurant I've never been to before while some maintenance work was done on my car. During the meal, my waitress started talking to some people seated behind me, and it sounded like they all know each other very well. She told them she had a strange dream last night about being with them and a dark-haired man from Alaska, and for some reason everyone except for her was eating. (If you didn't already know it, I just moved to my current location from Alaska last fall.)

The other two events that occurred are more personal, so I won't detail them here, other than to say that I spoke with a friend yesterday, and when I said one thing, she said the equivalent of, "Oh my God," and told me about the synchronicity. Another thing came up when she was speaking, but I didn't give her the "OMG" back.

For some reason, I don't know why, I don't feel comfortable sharing certain things, as in this case where I already knew/felt something, and then got verification of it. In a way it feels like I should let people have their privacy, that if I tell them I already knew about stuff, I'd be invading their privacy, and/or their would be no fun for them in telling me their stories. I'm not saying it always happens like that, but it happens a lot.

These events are in addition to the blind dog story I wrote about four days ago.

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