Disoriented after a short dream

December 6, 2012

On a day off today, I woke up at 7am, went to the bathroom, and decided to go back to sleep. At that time I felt groggy, figured it was a day off, it was drizzling outside, a perfect day to sleep in.

I laid in bed, fell back to sleep slowly, and had a nice dream about living somewhere that may have been in the southwest, perhaps New Mexico, Arizona, or a place like San Antonio. I say that only because of the design of the place I was living, which was a stucco design, lots of glass, and a hard, Spanish-style floor.

At the beginning of the dream I was looking around, and I seemed to know where everything was. I was captivated by one area across a walkway, where a large collection of pumpkins and lit candles were mixed with clay pots. The pumpkins weren't carved, they were just arranged in different sizes with the candles and pots. They were arranged in an open area with a ceiling above it ... I don't know the right words for how to describe it ... a little bit like an open stable.

I looked to another direction and thought about how wise I was to have rented this place, because it had a beautiful view and extra space compared to the other options. I was proud of my decision.

Just then I heard a young man and a young woman talking, and I saw them just outside the kitchen window. I stepped outside and found the man taking photos of the girl. At first I was upset because he had to plug in his equipment and was using my electricity, but as we spoke I calmed down, and told them I thought it was a great idea to do the photos here because of the beauty of the place, and asked if they had seen the pumpkin area, or the other area out front. As we spoke the girl poured herself a drink as though she lived here, and the young man sat down at the kitchen table. (In my mind I wanted to make the young man into a person named Paul F. that I knew in college, but it wasn't him, and his face morphed a little bit as I (my brain or ego) wanted to make him into Paul.)

In turn they asked what I was doing off today, and I told them I had today off, as well as the following Monday, for a four-day weekend. (So "today" must have been Friday.) We continued to speak about other things for a little while until I woke up.


Until this point everything seemed like a normal dream, albeit a deep, detailed dream. It wasn't lucid; for the most part I was answering questions as another character, though there was also some of me in the answers and the thinking. But as soon as I woke up and sat up in bed I knew something was wrong. I had the vertigo associated with being "more here than there", and as I tried to get out of bed I had more problems.

As I write this story, it's forty-five minutes after I got out of bed, and I'm still feeling the effects, and I'm glad I haven't vomitted (yet). I've had this many times before, but not that I can recall with such a short dream. As I mentioned, I went back to sleep at just after 7am, and woke up at 7:54am. There wasn't enough time for one of those dreams where you live an entire lifetime as someone else, and then wake up completely disoriented, not knowing where you live or who you are, but there was enough time and reality that when I woke up I briefly wondered about how close it was to Halloween, when I remembered that it is the first week of December.

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