How easily we forget

December 16, 2012

Many years ago I hung out with a particular woman who I still talk to from time to time. Way back then she vaguely knew I had an interest in OBEs, and told me one day about an OBE she had. She described floating to the ceiling of her bedroom, and being able to look back down and see herself and her husband in their bed. I don't remember any other specific details, but I remember exactly where we were when we had this discussion.

Recently I spoke to her again, and we talked briefly about religion and spirituality, and she said she didn't believe in anything along those lines. She said something like, "Life is life, you live as a biological being, and then you die, that's it." I was very surprised about this, and asked about the OBE experience she told me about many years ago. She said she couldn't remember it. I reminded her of floating to the ceiling, looking back in bed and seeing herself and her husband, and how that freaked her out, where we were when she told me about it, and she said she had no recall of the event.

Assuming she didn't make up the event many years ago, this made me wonder, how many people have had just one OBE in their life, and somehow forgot about it, or later justified it as something else, and then completely forgot about it? When I have an OBE I know it's real, especially when I can prove it with something like the card test, but if you ask me 24 or 48 hours later whether it was real, I begin to wonder if something like an OBE could even be possible; so if my mind works this way, doubting OBEs after having hundreds of them, I imagine that anyone who has ever had just one probably later discounted it as not being real, and eventually forgot about it, just like this woman.

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