A dream and email twenty years later (and dream zombies and being a ghost)

January 9, 2013

I have to contradict my previous post slightly: There was one other dream during the last three weeks that I forgot about.

In this dream I was back working at a place where I worked in 1991-1992. At the beginning of the dream I was talking to my boss/supervisor, but he wasn't listening to me at all. It was like he was walking out of the building to go home, and I was a ghost talking to him, and he just kept going on with his business, in this case walking out of the building.

Actually, my first impression was that he was what I call a "dream zombie", a character in a dream who seems to be programmed to do something -- in this case to walk out of the building -- and nothing I do or say will affect him. It wasn't until I wrote the previous paragraph that it occurred to me that maybe I was a ghost, and he couldn't see or hear me.

After he left I turned around and went back inside the building. Writing this post about ten days after the dream, I really can't remember what I did next. All I remember is going back into the building, and other people were still in the building.


The important coincidence about this dream is that when I woke up the next morning, I received an email from a person I last saw at that building in 1992. To be clear, twenty years after I last worked in that building, I first had a dream about being back in that building, and then back here in the physical world I received an email from a person I last saw and worked with in that building at that time.

The person I received the email from wasn't just any person. It was my first supervisor (A man named Frank) when I was hired out of college, and when he went to this new place of work, he was directly responsible for getting me hired to that position, even though I didn't work for him at this new company.

I suppose subconsciously I may have dreamed about the building because it was almost exactly twenty years ago that I left that position, and he may have written me for a similar reason, but it's still a fun, spooky coincidence.

Dream interpretation

Earlier today I wrote an email to a friend and mentioned that I am horrible at dream interpretation. If you had asked me after this dream (but before seeing the email) what it was about, I would have had no clue. Consciously I had no idea it had been twenty years since I left that job, it was only after seeing the email that it occurred to me. My only thought when I woke up was, "WTF was that about?" I can't think of anything in the dream that screamed, "You're about to get an email from Frank, twenty years after you last spoke to him."

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