Selling became too easy

February 13, 2013

One reason I left my former job/career is that the process of selling became too easy. I distinctly remember sitting in several meetings and thinking, "Geez, this is too easy, it's like taking candy from a baby." (I think that's the right phrase.)

There wasn't anything psychic about the sales process, it was much more like the tv series, Lie to Me. I could easily look at prospects and figure out how things were going during the sales process, what they wanted to hear, etc.

I'm glad to say that in all the years of selling I never lost a job that I wanted. Okay, I lost one job I kinda-sorta wanted, but it would have involved a ton of travel that I didn't want to do at the time, and I wasn't thrilled with the people I'd have to work with. I was also distracted during the sales meeting, because I kept looking at one of the people on the prospect's team, and I kept having the distinct feeling he would die soon. (We didn't get the deal, and I didn't have any interest in following up, so I have no idea whether he did.)

The reason I mention this today is that soon I'll need to think about going back to work and getting some sort of "real" job, so I've been debating about whether I want to do what I did before, or something different. I generally like the work I used to do, though I didn't love it.

When it comes to things I love to do -- a thing where I think I could make a difference in the world in this lifetime -- I'd like to try to have OBEs on a regular basis, and try to stay around here, the physical world/dimension. It seems like most people want to explore other dimensions or planes of existence, but IMHO, that doesn't help prove OBEs are real. Things like the card tests can help prove that they are.

I try to do this when I can now, but I'm so busy with my current projects that I don't have much energy left at night, so it's either going to happen spontaneously, or not. I do take a little time to meditate each day, but I don't do anything at all right now to set up conditions for an OBE to happen.

The government did research like this years ago with Project Stargate, but I think that was mostly to do with remote viewing. It seems like Robert Monroe would have been a great test subject for OBEs, but he only seemed interested in exploring other planes of existence.

Unfortunately I don't think anyone will pay me to try to have OBEs on a regular basis, but that would be my dream job (no pun intended). I guess I could try to get funding on Kickstarter, that seems to be a popular approach these days.

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