A long Matrix lucid dream sequence

February 14, 2013

I made a long drive yesterday to visit with some friends (K and others). I listened to the Steve Jobs biography as I drove, got into town around 1am, and played the Alanis Morissette's song, Thank You, repeatedly for almost the last ninety minutes of the trip.

The dreams

I went almost directly to bed when I got in, got up for a bio break at 5am, and then had lucid dreams for the next several hours, until about 8am. The dreams were of "The Matrix" variety. I would wake up, find myself in a loft in an industrial setting, fly around, bend material, and do other PK things as desired, and interact with a few people. Some people appeared as each dream segment began, and I willed a few others into existence from a desire to see them.

Each time a lucid dream segment ended I fell back to sleep, and then I would "wake up" again inside my dream holodeck. Every time I woke up I'd take a moment to convince myself that I wasn't really awake back here in the physical world, that I was in a very real lucid dream state, and then I'd get out of my dream bedroom to see what the dream had in store for me.

In one case there was a couple downstairs in the living area, and I remembered them from a previous dream, though not from "real life". We spoke about something I can't recall now, and then I flew away. In another case Marty R was downstairs in the kitchen, working at the sink, and wearing an RG3 football jersey. In another case I "willed" some people into existence. I wanted to see a particular woman, so I willed her into being there, but since she's married, I felt guilty and willed her spouse into being there as well. Marty and this woman live in this physical area, so it's natural that he would appear and that I would think of her.

The holodeck

The loft I was in morphed back and forth between the place I'm staying and a loft in a city/industrial area. For instance, when I looked down and saw the couple in the living room, the area they were in and the place I was standing was correct back here in the physical world, but when I saw Marty washing the dishes, I was walking up a metallic staircase from the industrial loft. He was in the correct area for the kitchen, but the staircase was in the wrong area (the center of the living room) and was metallic. Every time I went outside or flew for a while I was also in a city/industrial area that doesn't match the place I'm staying in. The outside deck area was a little like the tv show Friends, but as I flew around and explored the area it was an empty industrial area.

The setup

I intentionally went with the Alanis Morissette song at the end of the drive because I felt it would promote a good state of mind. It's safe to say I was a driving zombie for the last hour of the drive. I was tired and relaxed, but not asleep, though the last hour seemed to go by in about five minutes, a symptom of that state of mind. Since I was awake in the dreams I just tried to enjoy them, and did whatever I wanted from a PK and flying standpoint.

I slept soundly from 1am until 5am, and had no expectation of being awake for these dreams from 5am to 8am, so I wasn't mentally prepared to ask the visitors my new question ("Why are you here?"), and I just enjoyed the time like you might enjoy a movie or video game, flying, moving things, and exploring. As mentioned, I'd do this for a little while, fall asleep, and then wake up in another dream and do it over and over again. This finally ended when some noises in the house woke me up.

I don't make anything of the dreams, other than long drives always do this sort of thing to me -- knock me out and cause special effects for the first night or two. There was a discussion of Marty that evening, but that wasn't unusual, and he certainly didn't come over to wash dishes. I don't know who the other couple is; as mentioned, I've seen them before in my dreams, but not in the physical world.

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