Motivation, playing the piano, and a television from the future

February 22, 2013

I used to think I knew where motivation came from. I grew up in a middle class family, arguably a lower middle class family, and I used the motivation of what I couldn't have as "inspirational dissatisfaction" to turn myself into someone who made a fair amount of money. But in a dream a few nights ago, I now wonder about where motivation really comes from.

The story goes like this: Last summer, here in the known, physical world, I decided I needed to exercise more. So in addition to a lot of walking and a little yoga, I decided to lift weights. Well, I thought that was my idea.

But then in an extended dream two nights ago, I was reminded that the idea to lift weights really came from the dream world, prior to me making the decision back here in the physical world. I was reminded of certain thoughts and events in the dream world that preceded the decision here in the physical world.

But the key point is that the decision happened first in the dream world, and was later followed by my actions here in the physical world.

Playing a song, and a television from the future

In other dreams, I played a very simple, very pretty song on a piano this morning. Which is kind of neat, because I don't know how to play the piano. Even when I was playing the song on the piano in the dream, I didn't know the names of the notes I was playing, I just knew they would sound good one after the other.

When I woke up this morning I was still tired after a short night of sleep, so I decided to immediately go back to bed. In dreams during this time I was able to play with a television from the future. Although I knew how to use the television in the dream, it could do things that no television today can currently do. I followed that by doing some PK things, then (as usual) being disappointed to learn that I wasn't really awake.

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