A dream with mom, a book, and seeing the future

February 23, 2013

I had one of those dreams this morning that feels a little different than your normal dream.

During what started as a normal dream sequence with my sisters, there was a fire in the kitchen. It wasn't a fire necessarily, but maybe something like one of those large pizza ovens with a large, open flame. (There was a large open flame, and I was trying to determine why.) As I was trying to figure out what was going on, I was pulled away from that dream, and saw a large book sitting alone on a long white table. The book wasn't overly tall, but it was wide, like a wide accountant's ledger, bound in something like leather.

As I was trying to figure that out, my mother appeared. She looked like a younger version of my mother, but she seemed very wise, and we had a short but interesting conversation. First, she said that although I felt that something happened during my birth, that I felt like I had a twin sister who died, that wasn't correct.

She also said that I was born with something -- I can't remember the word now -- but it was implied that it was a gift, something special, and as a result I could see the future. (Later: I think the word may have been "seed".) At this time she was showing me some things from the book, which was filled with photos.

I asked if I could see my own future. She said no, that wouldn't be a good idea. She was turning the pages and about to show me some more things, but then I started to very, very slowly wake up.

It turns out that in the place I'm staying, the coffee maker goes off on a timer early in the morning, and for some reason the coffee maker was making unusual sounds this morning. So this woke me up as I was trying to stay in the dream (or perhaps the dream was trying to keep me there).


Mostly I want to say that I enjoyed the dream because I felt like I had a conversation with my mother, one of those deep, interesting conversations you want to have with your parents. It also helped that she struck me as very wise, and that I was supposed to learn something from her.

If you've ever seen the tv series Eli Stone, it felt like the scenes where Eli meets his father, and realizes his father had a gift that was similar to his own.

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