Song lyrics from a dream

February 26, 2013

I took a short nap this afternoon, woke up, rolled over, and took another nap. As I woke up from the second nap I heard the following lyrics in a song:

Baby it should show.
Baby please let go.
I just need to know.

The song was sung by a woman in a crying voice, something like Bonnie Tyler in Total Eclipse of the Heart (example here on YouTube). The lyrics may be off slightly, especially the first line, but they're in the ballpark.

An amusing part about the incident is that a layered dream was involved. I "woke up" from the dream that had the song, but trying not to wake up too much (so I could remember the lyrics), I reached around for my recording device without opening my eyes much. As I struggled to get the device to work and looked at it harder, I thought, "Damn, I'm still asleep", and then woke up for real. I looked around the room, asked myself a few questions to make sure I was really awake, and then made the recording.

A little mantra

For what it's worth, as I went to sleep initially, I kept repeating this phrase over and over in my mind until I fell asleep:

"Our mind has no limitation. It is only our interest that limits us."

I saw that phrase on the Twitter account of Gelek Rimpoche earlier today, liked it, and decided to use it as a bit of a mantra to help get my brain to quit thinking about work for a little while.

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