When death comes knocking

February 28, 2013

An interesting thing happens when you live a life like I have, being honest and open with your family and some friends about OBEs and a real interest in Zen: They think you're weird. They avoid you, or avoid certain conversations with you.

Then something changes.

They learn they're going to die.

And so these people who have avoided you come to you and ask questions: "Do you believe this OBE stuff? And Zen? Do you believe in souls? Do I have a soul? What happens after I die?", etc.

In times like this, you have to decide how you want to handle the situation. Through a few experiences I know how I handle it, but I have my way, and I think everyone should have their own way.

Because of something that happened today, I just wanted to note that if people avoid you now because they think you're a freak, don't be surprised if you hear from them again somewhere down the road.

I suspect these people have never had a near-death experience, or somehow thought they would live forever. Personally I like Carl Sagan's saying: "Everyone should almost die at least once." (That's an approximate quote, but I think it's accurate.) It helps put things in perspective.

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