Latest ongoing dream

March 4, 2013

I've started another "ongoing dream" series, and this time I find myself working in a bar/pub. I worked in it some time before, but I think it was before I kept notes on this website. I spoke to a woman in the dream about it, because she was also there before, but we couldn't remember when that was.

There's nothing remarkable about the dream, other than as far as I can remember, it started back up 2-3 nights ago. The most interesting thing last night was as I got to work, I had to go to the bathroom, and as I walked one way to get to the bathroom, I realized that I could have gotten there by taking a shortcut. As I turned around a corner I thought, "Oh, I remember this, I could have gotten here by taking this other route."

Only that moment, and talking with the woman mentioned in the first paragraph were remarkable in any way. I also spent some time with another woman before getting to work -- I think she works with us -- but I don't recall much of that time.

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