Dream and OBE attacks

March 10, 2013

During a dream this morning, I was attacked by "something". I really don't know what it was, but I wasn't in the mood for it, in part because today we "spring forward", so I morphed myself into a massive dragon and tore the thing to shreds, and then went on about my dream business.

I don't get attacked in dreams too often, but when I do, I usually respond by conjuring up whatever I want and destroying the thing. One time, back in November, 2008, I couldn't fight something off, and finally resorted to conjuring up an atomic bomb to destroy the evil.

This makes me think that whenever this happens again, rather than destroying the thing, I should subdue it and confront it about why it's there (similar to asking other dream characters, "Why are you here?").

In dreams it's usually easy to fend off attackers without having to resort to nuclear weapons. If you're "aware" in the dream state you can treat it like a Star Trek "holodeck" and conjure up anything you need. But in OBEs, on the rare occasions I've had a bad experience, the only thing I've learned to do is fight, or wake up.

For instance, I easily recall an OBE experience where I was hugged by something that felt like an octopus. I realized the thing that hugged me didn't mean anything bad by what it did, but the hug stung me very bad. After I woke up I could still feel the stinging sensation for at least an hour.

I can't find my other notes here now, but I've had a few OBEs where, when they started, I knew something was terribly wrong, that I was being pulled into a place that felt "evil". On those occasions, which again have been extremely rare, I've fought and fought until I was back in my body. I know there's a certain amount of fear the first time(s) you feel the paralysis, and that fear is just a natural, "what the hell is going on?" sort of fear. But with this fear, I was already very used to having OBEs, and I had a strong impression that the place I was suddenly in (or going to) was evil (for lack of a better word).

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