A song, and life on campus

March 11, 2013

I had a terrific dream with a beautiful song in it early this morning, around 4:30am. I thought, "I couldn't possibly forget this song", so I went back to sleep without making any notes. Of course now I can't remember a word of it.

I do remember the background before the song. It was all about baseball, and some about my dad. It was as though someone was making a movie or documentary, and part of it was about my dad, who had great talent, but for some reason wasn't able to continue playing. I kept seeing my dad playing, and then an overlay with the fictional character Roy Hobbs, as though my dad could somehow be like him.

As the filming went on there were various players from the 1970s Reds teams, including Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, and Tony Perez. There was also a short discussion of African-American players, though I don't remember the details there. There was also a long attempt to get an actor to hit a baseball, but that scene kept going terribly wrong. The actor couldn't hit, and then for some reason he was faced with some overpowering pitchers. This all led up to a scene in the baseball stadium where that beautiful song was sung by a young woman.

There were some other things here, including finding a large sum of money wadded up under a table, but I only wish I could remember the song lyrics. I sang it several times while going to the bathroom at 4:30, so I assumed I wouldn't forget it.

Update: I do remember one line: "Fly me away to yesterday". The song was sung slowly, like a Barbra Streisand or Joni Mitchell song.

Back on campus

I woke up later at 5:50, decided I didn't want to get up yet, and went back to sleep, waking up again at 7am. During this time I went back to an ongoing dream about college. In this dream I'm quite infatuated with a cute, smart, funny girl, though I don't know about her feelings for me.

The dream started with us in one building and another male friend coming in and telling her it was time to go. I recall an instant of jealousy and sadness at her going away with another male.

So we started walking, but somehow I had some coins in my hand, and the one on top was an old penny with the leaves on the back. (I don't remember what those are called.) As they walked away I turned the coin over and made an effort to look at the date, but instead of a year, it showed "45fl45". At first I saw the ending "45" and assumed it would be 1945, but it looked like that instead.

I wasn't very awake in the dream, so I just made a note of it, and ran to catch up with them. I caught up to them as they were going into the door of another building, which led right into a classroom. For some reason they thought it was okay to interrupt the class and talk to the professor, and they invited me in as well. The prof made a little fun of me coming in, saying something like "Will there be anyone else?"

I don't know what was going on, but I remember being sad to have to leave the girl (my girlfriend?) without really saying goodbye. I knew a few faces of students in the class, including my youngest sister, and K, who has her birthday today.

As I left and was outside the classroom, the professor yelled out to me, "I love you", and the class laughed. So I yelled back, "I love you too!", and the class laughed even harder.

And then I woke up.

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