A repeat visitor in the hypnogogic state

March 20, 2013

Just a short note today that during several recent times in what I call the hypnogogic state, I've been approached by a female whose hair is either braided tightly, or has dreadlocks. As usual, I feel a great amount of fear when a person approaches me in this state, so I usually fight my way out of it quickly, but last night I almost managed to maintain my composure to ask who she was.

Indeed, before the fear totally kicked me out of the experience I did ask who she was, and she laughed and said that was silly, like asking something about "time". (I don't remember her exact quote, only the "time" part.)

The interesting thing about the experience for me is that this is the first time I can recall having recurring or ongoing visits by the same person while in this state. As usual I'll try to control my fear and try to ask questions, but as last night showed, this is very hard to do, even when you feel like you can control it.

In a related note, after I woke up from the initial experience, I was upset that I couldn't stay with it, and immediately tried to continue the experience. Unfortunately this just made the experience morph into a lucid dream, and the woman also morphed into another woman. We talked briefly, but I don't recall the conversation now, as it's about seven hours after the experience.

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