Dreams of flying with wires overhead

March 22, 2013

For the second time in the last two weeks I've had a dream of flying, and as in many flying dreams before, there are wires overhead that deter me from flying any higher. In the last dream I was content to fly low, so it wasn't a problem, but in this dream I wanted to fly higher, so I kept searching for a way to get away from the wires, until I finally exerted too much effort and woke up.

As a little background, this dream started when the police came to question someone who was in a group with me, and at that time we were out in the open. I think the person was my father, but I could be wrong. When the police came he flew straight up into the sky like a rocket, and disappeared. The police stood there for a moment, then turned and left.

When they left I decided to try flying also, and ran two or three steps, jumped into the air, and began flying. I cruised down a road for a while, in an old neighborhood where things around me were built with something like bricks and stucco, and low trees around the sidewalks. As I thought to fly higher I saw there wires, so I decided to fly to a specific location where I didn't think there would be any wires.

Wires in flying dreams

Having wires above you in flying dreams are so common that they must mean something, or symbolize something. I know I've thought before that they were power lines and should be avoided, and I had that same impression today. In same cases I think they were grids of lines, but in this case they were just like a few power lines running in parallel to the road and my flight path.

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