March 30, 2013

If you've ever seen the part in the movie Stigmata where Frankie floats in the air, and hangs there with her arms spread out like she was crucified, that was my first dream last night.

It began with me working in some kind of a van or RV, with my former business partner standing outside a passenger-side door. I began levitating, and said something like, "Hey man, check out this hang time", and showed that I could keep levitating as I spun around a little bit. I felt like I could go higher, so I got out of the vehicle, where I found myself in a garage.

The thing I didn't notice inside the vehicle was that the levitating was not in my control. So in the garage, outside of my control, I drifted higher, and into a corner. I had to tell one guy to watch out as I moved, and he dove to get out of the way.

When I got to the corner of the garage, my body was turned around so my back was to the corner. Then the tops of my arms (shoulder to elbow) were pulled back forcefully, after which the lower half of my arms (elbow to hand) were pulled back a little more gently.

I hung there for a few moments; how long, I don't know. But then the bottom of my pectoral (chest) muscles began to hurt, and started shaking violently, out of my control. If you've ever lifted weights, and know how your muscles shake when they can no longer support a weight, that's what the shaking felt like.

I hung there for a while longer, stretched out as though crucified, head down, levitating in the garage, until I either passed out or died, and woke up.

I don't recall thinking during the crucifixion event, other than thinking that things were out of my control. At first I just went along for the ride, but when the crucifixion happened, I think I was more in shock than anything. I could observe my chest muscles shaking, but I couldn't stop them, and I couldn't move.

Before the crucifixion

Before the crucifixion I was working in the vehicle. I was trying to come up with a good way to hold things like an iPad inside a vehicle. I was working with a couple of guys who I thought were hispanic, and I said something like, "Enrique isn't so bad", and they said, "Yes he is", so I dropped the conversation.

Before that I had been with my dad, and he seemed really down. I remember saying to him, "You seem lower than a caterpillar's belly". He said something about our business wasn't going well, he couldn't afford to pay me. He said something else about me getting a loan, and I said, "No, no loans", I'll get a job.

After that I began working on the vehicle in the garage, but on the bottom panel on the side of the vehicle, like in a doorway. I was experimenting with mounting different devices there, like a curved arc device I have to home to hold an iPad. That's when the two hispanic men appeared.

Before going to sleep

Before going to bed, I said some of the usual things I've come to say recently, things like, "I love everyone and everything in the world equally", and "I forgive everyone". (These statements are based on previous experiences, which I think I've written about here.) I then thought these things a few times as I did a few yoga stretching poses. In other words, I did nothing tonight that I haven't done many times before.


I think it's important to state that all I'm doing right now is working. I wake up in the morning, shave and shower, work until about 7:30pm, typically watch a Sherlock Holmes episode while doing some yoga stretches, and go to bed. I'm not meditating, not listening to Monroe recordings, or anything else.

It's also important to state how hard it is to recover from something like this. After waking up, I didn't want to go back to sleep, and indeed, probably didn't fall back to sleep for nearly an hour. This morning it still weighed heavily on my mind.

Yesterday morning I was going to write here that you may not here from me for a while because I'm so busy with work, but this crucifixion last night had to be reported.

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