April 4, 2013

Last night I had one of those rare nights where, well, nothing happened.

When I went to bed I was feeling okay (no upset stomach or other illness), I wasn't too terribly tired, and then ... nothing. Oh, I did have some dreams, but nothing important, not that I could tell. I do keep having dreams of people (distant family members) that aren't normally on my mind, so I suspect something is up there, but last night was unusually quiet; no flying, no PK, no lucid dreams, no life-like dreams, no OBEs, just whatever you call it ... normal sleep.

This makes me think of what it's like to be a "normal" person, someone who goes to bed, and generally thinks of that time as a waste of time, that you "can sleep when you're dead". I assume that they wake up in the morning after an evening of sleep, presumably not remembering their dreams, or having dreams of no consequence, and they move on with their life.

This reminds me that one of my sisters says that her son is like me. She said she calls him by my name occasionally, and I know for a fact she has called me by his name. This makes me think of the following photo, which I took one time from an episode of the tv show, Medium:

I don't know that I feel that way, but this is definitely a different way of living ... it's probably not for everyone, and if he might be like me, well, I hope he at least has a choice in the matter.

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