OBEs and lucid dreams

April 6, 2013

Just two days after getting off some antibiotics I had to take for the last month, I had a couple of lucid dreams and two false-start OBEs last night. I don't know if the antibiotics were actually causing a problem, but I wanted to note them here for myself.

Much more likely is that exhaustion from work has been causing a problem. Last night I finally gave up working at around 6pm, and did nothing after that but have some dinner and watch some shows on Netflix.

During the evening my stomach was upset, but to my surprise I was still able to have the lucid dreams and OBEs. During the first lucid dream I was going through the dream, and encountered my wife, and said, "There should be dogs here." When I said that, our first two dogs appeared. I next wanted to ask my new question, "Why are you here?", but I quickly woke up. Maybe I was thinking too hard at this point.

The OBEs were much more of a surprise. I woke up at about 1am, and I was wide awake, so I decided to take some melatonin to help me sleep, and as I've suspected recently, taking melatonin while fairly wide awake during the middle of the night created a state that's conducive to OBEs. In a way I wasn't tired, but the melatonin made me tired to a certain point, so I ended up in a deeply relaxed state, but not asleep. As the Monroe people would say, "Mind awake, body asleep." Despite my upset stomach several short OBEs happened, though nothing of consequence.

Visiting people during an OBE

Before the evening started, I remember having this thought: If you could have an OBE and visit anyone in your life so they could see you, who would you visit? I'm not talking about a Peeping Tom thing here, I'm talking about getting out of your body and going to visit a friend or family member so they can see you, so you can let them in on the secret. If you could share this "gift" in this manner, who would you go to?

I thought of several people last night, but I was surprised at how many people I discounted. For instance, a few women live alone, and I wouldn't want to scare them. Another woman who I get along with very well is spiritual, and I think seeing me in that way would be helpful to her, but her husband doesn't like me, and she has young children, so I decided that wouldn't be a good idea. Also, with my nieces and nephews, I wouldn't want to affect their lives while they're still fairly young.

I eventually thought of some people I know whose minds I'd like to open up. They seem so set in their ways, I thought a nice OBE visit might help them see things differently. (For some reason it irks me that people I call "friends" should have such a closed mind.)

I also thought of other "spiritual" friends I should probably visit first. These are people who feel spiritual, but haven't had OBEs or other experiences, and I think appearing before them might help them be even more open, or validate their beliefs.

Of course all of this presumes that someone can see me when I have an OBE. I don't know this to be true at all. I have no idea what "I" look like while having an OBE. I do know that I can hear things, touch and feel things, and see things, although the seeing isn't always clear. Some times I feel full-sized, such as when sliding off a couch when an OBE started. But the time I drifted out of a house and into a backyard, and sat there in the grass, I felt like I was as small as an insect, maybe even smaller. So maybe I look like a little orb ... I don't know.

But it was a fun mental exercise, and maybe it help set the mood for the night. If you could have an OBE and visit anyone you wanted to visit, who would you go to?

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