Working at Apple; Zen/Buddhist/Yoga profiteers

April 8, 2013

Had a long, fun dream about working at Apple this morning. I can't reveal what I worked on, it's a secret, lol, but it was fun.

In less fun, I've noticed lately that the profit-takers seem to be moving into the Zen/Buddhist world, just like they did with yoga. This is discouraging, but I think a person (me) just has to go on with their practice, and ignore the "schmucks" in the world. "Shmuck" was one of my dad's favorite words to describe certain people, but I think "huckster" is probably more appropriate in this case.

Zen has nothing to do with fame and fortune, so ... I'm disappointed to see these people doing these things.

Enough said. I just want to focus on my own practice (and help others where I can).

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