Dream flashbacks

April 12, 2013

With work currently beating me down, I don't have much time for sleep, so when I woke up in the middle of the night I decided to take some melatonin. After that I slept straight through until the alarm clock woke me up. I won't say that I was refreshed, but I couldn't recall a single dream.

This afternoon I finally had to take a break and get some shopping done; there was nothing left to eat in the house. (I work from home.) On the way to the store I suddenly started having flashes of a dream that occurred during the melatonin sleep time. During this dream my wife and I were having a conversation about something, and these flashes kept hitting me until I could recall most of the dream. As soon as the flashbacks started I realized it happened during the melatonin sleep time.

I've never had that happen before, at least not this vividly. I've heard people describe acid flashbacks, but while these things were "visions" that started to make me think I should pull off the road, they weren't quite that bad.

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