Applied Precognition workshop

April 15, 2013

Joe McMoneagle, Dean Radin, and Marty Rosenblatt will be giving an "Applied Precognition Workshop" in June in Las Vegas. Here's a link to their website (which is sadly really ugly): http://appliedprecog.com/

Some text from the website:

Joe is looking forward to sharing his extensive knowledge concerning Remote Viewing, Analysis/Judging of RV transcripts, and how to apply RV using precognition. Dean will speak on “Scientific Evidence for Precognition and Presentiment”.

This CWW (Conference-Workshop-Webinar) focuses on applying precognition through a combination of presentations, discussions, and for workshop participants, hands-on predictions and FeedBack associated with 3 baseball games. Webinar-Only participants will be privy to many of the presentations and all the predictions.

The Analysis/Judging (AJing) of RV transcripts is a critical part of the protocol and different skills are involved in AJing compared to RVing. Therefore, two connected workshops are part of this unique event: one workshop for RVers and one for AJers in separate rooms/suites. Guess what, the RVers provide the transcripts to the AJers :-)

I've written here before that I've met Mr. McMoneagle several times before, and he's an interesting guy. And I mean that in a good way.

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