A woman, her family, and my U-shaped apartment

April 16, 2013

The first dream last night was about a woman coming to the door of my apartment. I opened the door slightly, and she said she needed help. She held her hands out, and I held them while she cried. She needed help, a place to live. I told her I didn't have room the apartment was small, but I'd try to help her some other way.

She looked around, down the hallway, and I looked too. There were more people. "How many?", I asked. "Five", she said.

She wouldn't stop crying, so I let her into the apartment briefly. To my surprise my apartment was my other "dream" apartment, the U-shaped one. We walked around briefly. I was surprised to find this apartment instead of my real apartment. But still I told her I couldn't do this, that I'd try to help her some other way, but they couldn't stay here. I woke up as I opened up the front door.

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