A love dream, and a regret

May 8, 2013

I had one of those "love" dreams this morning that you hate to wake up from. It was interesting in a variety of ways.

It started with me stranded at an auto repair shop. It was near closing time, and as far as I can remember, there were only two other people there, both women. A girl I was very attracted to was working on the car. I didn't know if she was attracted to me, but as the three of us spoke, she began touching me more and more frequently, putting her hand on my thigh, that sort of thing, and I began to think she liked me as well.

I had to leave the car behind, and she was going to work on it. The other woman gave me a ride home. When we got home, she came in, or maybe I invited her in, I don't remember. The short story is that she got the wrong idea, and although I liked her, I was really taken with the other girl. As this girl started to kiss me it wasn't horrible, but I wasn't enjoying it much. At this point I still didn't know where I stood with the girl who was working on my car, and I went along with this for a while, but then I finally stopped it, and said I couldn't do this, that I really liked the other girl.

I don't remember exactly how it happened, but eventually the other girl came to my house, we talked, and had a long, fun night. Yes, there was sex involved, but it was much more than that, a real feeling of love, just wanting to be with this person. Sadly the morning came around back here, and I kept waking up. Not wanting to leave, I was able to go back to sleep several times and keep the dream going, but eventually it faded away.

As usually happens with these dreams, I woke up in a great mood, still feeling the love. I guess it's just a biological endorphin thing, but it is a nice feeling.

The other feeling I had from this dream was a feeling of regret. I wish I had told the other woman right away that I wasn't interested in her, or more accurately, I was much more interested in the other girl. I felt like I had led her on for a while, and that was wrong.

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