104-93 (two days later)

May 26, 2013

There isn’t much point in writing about a ’prediction’ afterwards if you don’t say something beforehand, but in this case I didn’t know I was making a prediction.

I woke up this morning and checked the scores to see how the Chicago Blackhawks did in their hockey game (they won). To my surprise, I saw an old score as well: The Spurs beat the Grizzlies 104-93 to win Game 3. Duh, I thought, that happened three days ago. Why are they showing that as a new score?

Wait ... wtf ... they really didn’t play Game 3 until last night?

If I would have had a conversation with anyone during the last two days about the NBA playoffs, I would have said with absolute certainty that the Spurs were up 3-0 on Memphis, and the score of Game 3 was 104-93, even though that result didn’t happen until last night. (Admittedly I didn’t know that they played overtime, I just “knew” the score”.) In fact, I spent part of the prior day (May 24) wondering why the Western Conference had already played three games while the teams in the Eastern Conference were just getting around to their second game that night.

For the record, I “knew” the game was played on May 23, because I knew the score when I was disoriented the morning of May 24.

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