Dreams we can't recall

May 28, 2013

An event this afternoon reminded me of how few dreams we remember. I took a nap that ended up lasting ninety minutes, and at the end of the nap I didn’t get up right away, I just laid there for a while in the twilight, the hypnogogic state, just trying to continue to relax.

As I did that, my dreams restarted, even though I was awake. As this happened, I was able to recall parts of some dreams that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to remember. I recalled walking around through my apartment, and for some reason (as I’ve found myself doing before), I was investigating the walls, feeling them and looking at them very closely.

What I was doing isn’t really important. The important part is that I never would have remembered it if I just woke up right away like normal. As much as I’ve been like River Tam from Firefly these last few days, it still makes me wonder how many dreams and excursions I’ve had that I can’t remember.

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