Not feeling like myself lately

May 30, 2013

I haven’t had much time to write lately (or meditate, or practice yoga), but a dominant theme of my dreams during the last few weeks is that I often haven’t felt like myself in the dream state. For instance, last week there was an incident where I had an overwhelming feeling that a particular man was “creepy”. I didn’t think he was necessarily dangerous, just creepy. As time went on, I realized I wasn’t myself in that dream, I was a woman, and I was seeing him as a creepy guy from the perspective of a woman.

A similar thing happened this morning. (There was no “last night”, I worked until 12:30am.) This dream was even more confusing because it involved family members. They were all treating me a little bit different than they normally would, and it took me quite some time to realize I wasn’t myself, I was my father. Once I understood that, everyone else’s behavior suddenly made sense. (For my own notes, this was a series of two dreams that centered around the holidays.)

I don’t know how often this occurs, I’ve never really thought about it, but these recent dreams have made me think about it. I know I’ve had it happen before in “body-switching” events, but at the moment I can’t recall any major dreams where I knew I was participating in a dream as someone else.

I guess there are a few that I’ve wondered about ... I can’t find my notes, but in one event that’s just as clear to me as typing on this keyboard, I was sitting in the back of a car as it fell backwards down a hill or mountain. There were no passengers in the front seat, and I was struggling frantically to get into the front seat when the event suddenly ended. That was clearly an event (not a dream) where I wasn’t myself.

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