Dreams of rarely-seen relatives

June 11, 2013

As a little idea of how this dream stuff works, I haven’t seen my Aunt K and Uncle R in at least five years, and before that I hadn’t seen them since 1981. However, they were both featured in dreams last week. The dreams were a night apart, one on June 1st, and the other on June 3rd. (I may be off a day on each dream, but they were a night apart.)

In one dream they were in a party along with some members of my mom’s side of the family, so I thought, okay, whatever, no big deal. But in the second dream, I was sitting at a table with my wife and her father, and as I panned the table, Uncle R suddenly appeared. I distinctly remember the “WTF, why are you here?” feeling, and indeed, the shock woke me up.

Back here in the physical world, two days ago I learned that Aunt K was planning a surprise party for Uncle R, but then she has to have back surgery last week, and the party had to be canceled/postponed.


I take several points from these dreams, and the events back here in the physical world:

1)I had no reason to think of these people, but after years of not being in my dreams, they suddenly appeared last week.

2) If Aunt K didn’t have the back surgery, I may have never heard about the party. Had that happened, I would have either (a) completely forgotten about the dreams, or (b) would have remembered the dreams and thought they were meaningless.

As much as anything, assuming this was anything more than mere coincidence, I wonder, where did these dreams come from? Aunt K? Uncle R? Were they somehow sent backwards through time from Current M back to Previous Me of a week ago? Or from my sister who sent an email to me, telling me about the party and surgery?

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