Boards covering door to my apartment

August 30, 2013

I’ve been sick with something the last few days where it felt like fluid has been building up in my chest, and my heart has been pounding hard. Last night was long and miserable, and after waking up at 11:30pm, I finally got back to sleep at nearly 4am. I still felt bad all day today, and at 3:30 this afternoon I finally gave in, pulled out my bean bag chair, and crashed on the living room floor.

As near as I can tell, I almost immediately started a lucid dream that I didn’t know was a dream. I went to the front door of my apartment, and it had been blocked off by some wooden boards. 2x4 boards had been nailed to the outside of the doorway to presumably keep people from going in or out, though I could see outside over the top of them.

As I looked out from the inside, I thought perhaps I was dead, that something happened in my sleep. As usual, everything in the dream was as real as me typing these words, so as I had these thoughts, I looked down and counted the fingers on my right hand, only to find that there were six fingers. That way I knew I wasn’t awake, and for some reason I further assumed that I was dreaming, and not dead.

After that, some people started appearing in the hallway outside of my apartment, but before I could figure out what was going on, something woke me up. After a bio-break I went back to sleep, and slept soundly until after 7pm.

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