Intentional astral projecting

September 1, 2013

When I woke up around 4am this morning I found that it was raining. As I went to close the windows I suddenly realized that I had left my favorite hat for walking in the rain in another town during a trip last week. In addition to the hat, which I picked up in Alaska, I left a nice jacket there as well. (The hat had a big rim, and was treated so it would be water-resistant.)

I was very upset, but then I tried to calm myself down with the Zen “impermanence” thing. I tried to tell myself that everything has a beginning and an end, a life and a death, and this was it for those items. Alternatively, I could also make a few calls in the morning to see if someone else had found them. Those thoughts didn’t calm me down, so as I went back to sleep I decided I was going to try to project my astral self down to my car, to that town, and to last week to see if I could find my hat and jacket, which I knew I hadn’t seen since returning from that trip.

I was fairly well-rested at this time, and very motivated, and as a result I had a great deal of success. Although I couldn’t remember it consciously, in this state I was able to see myself throw the hat and jacket into the back of my car after a walk on my last evening there. (On the last night of the trip, I went to a bar with several other people, and then walked home from there. While quite drunk, I apparently carried the hat and jacket back to the car, threw them in the car when I got back to the motel, and went to bed.)

I didn’t actually believe this part of the projection until I walked down and checked the car a little while ago, and found the hat and jacket where I saw them. Honestly, that was very cool and it surprised me. I didn’t believe what I had seen in that state this morning.

The other thing I did during the projection was to visit the town I had been in. I seemed to be successful in going down one of the sidewalks and back into the bar, looking for my hat and jacket, which I didn’t find. However, after some length of time I lost control of the event and it morphed into a Star Trek holodeck experience. I had fun, but at this point the experience wasn’t anything “real”, or what I was after. I knew it at that time, but I had lost control, and just tried to enjoy it. In retrospect, I realized that once I lost my motivation/drive/anger, I lost control of the situation.


I’m not really sure what to take from this. The “facts” are that I saw the hat and jacket in the car during this state, and that I also couldn’t find them in the bar, and that back here in the physical world they were in the car. But as usual, when I’m awake I have trouble believing this.

Also, it’s important to note that at some subconscious level I knew that the hat and jacket were in the car, even though I couldn’t remember that consciously; it’s not like I was looking for someone else’s hat and jacket, and had no idea what they had really done with them.

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