More progress

September 27, 2013

I've had a few physical setbacks in my World War IV plans, but things got better last night.

I knew I was incredibly tired for no apparent reason, a feeling that I've had before (like these two events), like my soul is being pulled away from my physical body. As a result of that it seems that my physical body needs to go to sleep for a long time, even if I've already had a lot of sleep. That was the case last night, and since this was a day off for me, I slept for almost 14 hours.

The evening was filled with incredible lucid dreams, flying, and PK/TK events. In one case I did something I've never done before: I held hands with a group of about eight people, and "flew" them all. That is, we all held hands, and then I flew, dragging them along with me. I wasn't able to go very high or very fast, but I was able to show them that it could be done.

FLying through outer space was also really wonderful. I haven't seen things like that before, beautiful planets and galaxies, and words won't do it justice.

I was supposed to remember several things from the dreams, but since I didn't record them, and I'm writing this many hours later, I can't remember those details. There was something I was supposed to remember from the space dream, but that was very early in the evening. Later there were some things to remember about a recurring dream, but I don't remember those.

Oops, I almost forgot, near the end, probably around 10-11am, I heard several other people in my apartment, and as they came towards the bedroom I had to force myself to wake up, roll over, and verify that they weren't here in the physical world. Like a previous event, they seemed like maintenance men for the apartment complex, and because I can't control my fear in that mental state, I really hate the idea of them coming into the bedroom. If I can ever control that fear, it will be very interesting to see what happens in this state. That is, why are these people in the apartment? What are they doing? When is it?

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