I'm back

September 29, 2013

It took a little while longer than expected, but fifteen days after the start of World War IV, I’m officially back. After a bio-break at 4am this morning, I spent the next five hours flying around. I actually woke up eight times during that stretch, and was able to return to the same holodeck each time.

When the events first started I was in a large “library” building that I’ve been in many times before. I wanted to think I was back at my old college here on Earth. Actually, I looked at my hands first to make sure I wasn’t awake, and after confirming that, I found the front door and got out of the building. Thinking/assuming I was at my old school, I wanted to find the place where I used to live.

Once outside, I ran into a girl and we started talking. I was struck at this time by the quality of stairs outside, they were beautiful. But I quickly felt the force of being pulled away. I didn’t mind the flying part, I had already done a little bit of that in the library, but this time I was being pulled away from her by some force, my backside first. It didn’t feel like an evil force, just a force pulling me ... somewhere. (If you ever wonder if there is a power greater than you, this experience definitely let’s you know that.)

Round 2

I struggled with that and woke up, and when I rolled over and went back to sleep I was instantly back at the large building. Once again I wanted to see the place where I used to live, so I proceeded out the front door, but this time found someone in trouble, laying on the stairs. As I tried to help him, some people were walking by, and as the person seemed okay -- and being fully conscious and aware of my surroundings -- I asked, “What day is it?” When nobody replied, I asked again, “The date, what is the date?!” People just looked at me like I was speaking the wrong language, two of them just shrugging their shoulders.

One woman came over and immediately started taking my pulse. She took my right arm, turned it so the palm was facing up, placed her very small finger on the pulse area at my wrist, and said nothing. Unfortunately I woke up again at this point.

Round 3

As I laid in bed I vowed not to keep waking up so frequently, that I would stay with things no matter what happened, or at least stay with them as long as possible.

With that I went to sleep and again ended up in the large building. This time I didn’t leave immediately, deciding that I should figure out why I was being placed here. I came to the conclusion that this place wasn’t a library, but maybe an insane asylum. One person kept singing the same sentence over and over again, something like, “It’s my best friend’s birthday”. (It was something like that, but not exactly that.)

As I decided to explore things, someone asked where “Quaker oil” comes from, and when nobody else answered, I said “Pennsylvania.” They all looked at me like I was crazy, so we found a map, and as I started to point to where Pennsylvania should be in North America, I found that the states were laid out completely different than the way we know them. I felt like I was on “Alternate Earth”, and with that thought I woke up again.

Flying and battling evil

I won’t bore you with the details, but every time I woke up and went back to sleep, I went right back to this large building. I spent most of the rest of the morning flying around that building and fighting what felt like evil forces. They were all masqueraded as humans, but I could tell by their looks that something was wrong, and then they would attack and I would fight back.

The entire five hours of this was characterized by my ability to wake up any time I wanted to. In the early events I woke up because I was startled, but in the later events I could just think “wake up”, and I’d wake up in bed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find my voice recorder during the night, because there were things I wanted to record. I just found it out here in the other room. I put it away when I had a guest over recently.

Clean living

It never ceases to amaze me that very quickly after I stop drinking and having sex, these events very rapidly resume. This brings me to an important conclusion: These events don’t happen to me because I’m a good guy, or because I’m religious or spiritual; they happen to me because of my DNA, or perhaps because of being sick when I was young. In terms of being sick when I was young and also being a loner, I fit a certain profile that they mentioned at the Monroe Institute.

The other part of this is that I know that later this afternoon I’ll be very tired. I’m wide awake now, but flying and being awake all night tends to leave one exhausted later in the day. (Flying-wise I was also tired by the 8th or 9th event, so I had to choose my battles carefully. In one case an evil female was kind enough to say that we will do battle another time, when I’m back to full strength.) When I woke up this morning I remembered that, and I have to say, it made me start thinking about alcohol and sex again. But I think I’m okay. I really want to follow this “clean living” (impeccable) life style and see where it leads to, and by that I mean, where it leads to during the night.

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