Long series of lucid dreams

October 18, 2013

After four days of "being good", the lucid dreams started again this morning, some time after about 4am. I flew for a long time through a large mansion, constantly flying above other people rather than mingle with them. A few of them were yoga students, a few of them were family members, and there isn't much to say, other than that I flew and flew.

One thing I should say about recent events is that I don't seem to have these sequences until later in the morning these days. I used to have these sorts of dreams at any time, including almost immediately after going to bed at 10 or 11pm, but these days (a) I seem to have insomnia, and have a hard time falling asleep, and (b) I don't have these sorts of dreams/events until later the following morning. I suspect this is due to my thyroid, but it may also have to do with getting older, or something else.

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