A very sad vision

December 9, 2013

In the saddest vision I’ve ever had, I believe that my father-in-law passed away. With a few things omitted for personal reasons, the vision was this:

  1. I was in a normal, crazy dream. It featured actors, like the guy who played Dr. McCoy on the original Star Trek.
  2. Suddenly my father-in-law entered the dream.
  3. He walked in front of me from left to right, then walked forward, away from me. He may have walked slightly downhill when going forward.
  4. He turned to his left, spoke/slurred some incomprehensible gibberish, then began to collapse straight down with his knees buckling, as though he was having a stroke or seizure, unable to move or continue standing.
  5. Then I was with some other people I know, and one of them said something like, “I’m so sorry about your father-in-law”.
  6. I thought to myself that he could not have died, I hadn’t heard from my wife.
  7. Then my cell phone rang on vibrate mode. I held it in my left hand, and saw it was my wife calling.
  8. When I answered it she was crying uncontrollably, trying to say something.
  9. I began crying, and with great anguish, woke up.

It’s a slight stretch to say that I know he died, but that’s my interpretation of what I saw and heard.

FWIW, this is the same man I wrote about in this post in July, when I “saw” him have a seizure when he was with his two daughters.

After waking this was probably the most painful vision I’ve ever had. He has been nothing but good to me all these years I’ve known him, and I’ve also never seen a healthy person die before. I just hope I’m wrong. This wasn’t a clear vision, but more like one of those dramatic changes in a dream that I’ve come to recognize.

Another one where I saw one of my dogs have a violent stroke/seizure several years ago was also incredibly painful, but in that case I was at least able to roll over and see my dog, and know that he was okay in that moment. (I alluded to that vision in this post and in more detail in this post.

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