Hell night

December 20, 2013

In an early dream last night I knew I was dreaming/asleep, but I couldn’t prove it. I kept counting five fingers on each hand (instead of the usual 6 or even 7), and everything in the apartment was right, yet I couldn’t turn on the lights in the kitchen or bathroom, which is a giveaway. (I don’t know why, but light switches usually don’t work in dreams.) I also couldn’t wake myself up. I finally decided that I need another totem, and just went along with the experience, then woke up instantly when I found someone sleeping in my bed.

During the dream, the light switch thing concerned me. Usually this is an indicator that things are about to get bad in an evil way, but nothing happened.

Hell night begins

After I went back to sleep a dream began in a building I’ve come to hate. I’m always in the first floor of this building, and I need to get into an elevator, but the elevators are scary, as in you know you’ll be lucky if you don’t die in them. The elevators are rickety, old, wide service elevators, that usually hang down on one side or the other, or often look like they’re suspended from only one corner. Yet for some reason I always feel like I have to get in them and go up.

Last night I was a little more conscious than usual, and kept thinking about where the stairs might be, but as usual, I was intent on going up. At least this time I knew why: I had met a pretty woman, and she had invited me up.

I met this woman downstairs somewhere, though I don’t remember where. She had a twin, and asked if I knew which one she was. I said yes, I could tell them apart, that he eyes were bigger, and I preferred them.

As I write this post many hours after the dream I can’t recall all the details, but there were long lines to get on the elevators, I couldn’t get on them (and didn’t really want to get on them), and in addition to the elevators, all sorts of “hell” happened. This was a regular dream/nightmare, not a lucid dream, so until nearly the end I couldn’t/didn’t fight back. As I finally became more conscious near the end of the dream I prepared myself to fight back, but by that time the evil had stopped, though I remained in the setting.

If you’ve ever had experiences like this, you know that you’re in an area that feels like pure evil, perhaps some form of hell. These occurrences are rare; I couldn’t tell you when I had the last one. If I’m conscious enough I can fight back and even destroy the entire scene, but if my consciousness isn’t strong enough it becomes a terrifying battle for as long as it lasts.

Please stop

When I woke up it was 3:33 am. I could still feel the evil around me. I got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and sat there for a little while, not wanting to go back to bed. But I was still tired, so as I sat there I quietly asked for these dreams to stop, and eventually went back to bed, where fortunately the evil had come and gone.

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