Lap dance

January 16, 2014

I got up early this morning, then went back to sleep a little while later. About two hours into the sleep I started to slowly wake up. As I was waking up I ended up in that unusual state where I feel like I'm in two universes at once, and can easily toggle back and forth between them.

In one universe I was here, in bed. In the second, a woman was in the room with me. I thought I knew who the woman was. As usual I have a hard time controlling my fear when this happens, so she scared me into waking up. I looked around at the room here in the physical universe, confirmed that nobody was in the room with me physically, then closed my eyes again.

The woman was still there, but she had turned around and was starting to leave. "Wait, don't leave", I said. She turned around and looked at me. "Tell me something", I said.

"Something personal", she began to ask, "like a secret?"

"Yes, that would be very helpful."

"I slipped one time, and had a (unintelligible) lap dance." (She said some other things in regard to the dance, but I don't want to share those here for privacy reasons.)

I was having a hard time hearing her because I could also hear the heat running through a vent in the bedroom. The vent has a tendency to rattle at the end of the heat cycle, and unfortunately it was happening just now.

"I'm having a hard time hearing you, can you repeat that please?", I asked.

The woman seemed a little agitated and tried to repeat it, but the noise was even worse now, and even though she spoke very loudly, I couldn't make out what she was saying. Worse yet, because I was trying so hard to hear her I woke up. "No", I thought, and tried to go back to that zone, but I couldn't, the event was over. This was the first time I was able to control the fear while in this zone and start to have a conversation with the "visitor", so I was very disappointed that the event was over.

After the event

After the dream I checked with this person back here in the physical world, and she said that she has never had a lap dance. That was disappointing, but it gave me what I needed to know: These events aren't real, and may be a form of schizophrenia in this state, or an unusual form of dream.

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