Recurring dreams reunion night

February 2, 2014

Last night was “Old recurring dreams reunion night”. Recurring dreams dating back to my high school years played all night, but it was like they played in slow motion. Slow motion isn’t quite the right term ... I want to say that they played at a nice, leisurely pace, and I was very conscious during all of them, able to do most anything I wanted consciously.

They were also unique in that they didn’t replay like they usually do, robotically. They all started in the usual, recurring way, but then I could change them, I could move around as desired and take different perspectives on each one. So they were recurring, but also “open” for exploration.

Another dream while awake

After these dreams ended I woke up in bed, quite awake. I would have gotten up immediately except that I worked late last night, and was in no mood to get up and start working again. So I laid in bed for a few minutes longer after waking up, trying to decide what to do with this morning. As I laid there another dream started. Although my eyes were closed I was still wide awake, so I let it roll. This new dream kept playing as I drifted off to sleep, and continued to play when I woke up again.

When I woke up I just laid there once again, curious to see where the dream was going, or when and how it might end. But then the special guest character in the dream -- a cable repair guy, working in a house I know well when I’m asleep -- said, “Hey, you dozed off there for a while. You were snoring, dude.” With that I said “Leave me alone”, got up, and started my day.

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