Opening my eyes while dreaming

February 9, 2014

Due to an ongoing heart problem I didn’t sleep well last night, and as a result of that, I took a nap this afternoon. During the nap some OBE things started happening, and during that time I had a hard time telling where my consciousness was: Was it with the physical body, or with the energy body (astral body, soul)?

At one point as I was trying to “see” what was going on, I worked hard to see, and when I did, I opened the eyes of my physical body while it was still asleep. “Fuck”, I said to myself, “I promised I’d never do that again”. The last time I did that I severely strained my eyes, leaving them sore for several days. Not wanting to make myself blind, I promised I’d never do that, even if someone offered millions of dollars. Then today I did it by accident. Stupid me.

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