The C word

February 27, 2014

After a biopsy last week, I found out today that I may have thyroid cancer, and the doctor wants me to have my thyroid removed. It's a slow-growing cancer and other than the surgery, this shouldn't be a huge issue.

But the weird thing is that I had to tell her this isn't my biggest health problem at the moment, so while I'm glad to talk to a surgeon, I have other, bigger problems at the moment. As I thought about that after hanging up the phone, it sounded weird: Here's this poor doctor having to tell someone they may have cancer, and he replies, "I have more important problems than cancer right now."

So the other tests continue to roll on.

Another interesting thing is that I was so not wanting to do the test I had to do this morning that I dreamed all night of flying. Right before I woke up I also had a vivid dream with the song Linger by the Cranberries playing in the background. I know my biggest problem lately in not having OBEs is a lack of energy, but this morning I thought I'm also missing some sort of mental energy, like the stress of this morning's test kept me more awake during my dreams than I have been for a while. It's like a "mental tension" is needed at the moment, at least from a lucid dream and OBE perspective.

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