Dead again

March 2, 2014

Yesterday was yet another day that I didn’t know if I would make it through the day. I started having severe chest pains around noon, severe enough so it was hard to even walk around the apartment. After not dying right away, I figured it wasn’t a heart attack, and long story short, it appears to be another bout of the pain in the cartiledge between my ribs.

I have to say, after feeling like I might die many times recently, I haven’t come to any major conclusions about life. The things I keep coming back to are, (a) I’m glad I have a will, even if it isn’t 100% what I want right now, and (b) the things I remember are spending time with family and friends, and various adventures I’ve taken.

If there’s a “takeaway” for me from this, it’s that I never think about work at times like this. It’s true, we all need money, and the more the merrier I suppose, but in the very end, I remember the friendships I made through work, while the work itself doesn’t hold any significance to me.

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