Recurring dream: People breaking into front door

March 29, 2014

One recurring dream I have is of people trying to break into my apartment through the front door. It goes like this: I'm either in the front room, or otherwise drawn to the front door, at which time I either see the handles on the locks moving, or I hear them moving. I move to the front door, try to hold the handles on the door locks so they can't be turned, and usually attempt to yell something, like "I'm calling the police" or "I'm calling 911". As usual in the panicked dream state I have a hard time speaking, and my voice barely comes out, and can barely be heard. The people trying to break in never give up though, and keep attempting to turn the locks, and I usually wake up in a struggle to keep the locks locked.

I don't know what that dream is about, and why it keeps recurring, but it does.

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