Parallel world, great movie

June 13, 2014

In the alternate universe I live in on many nights there’s a movie that’s well-known. Just like you and I know of modern movies like Frozen and Gravity, or old movies like Gone With The Wind, people in my altiverse know of this movie. When you see the poster for the movie, as I did last night, you think, “Oh, that’s that great movie about so-and-so.”

From what I can remember when I’m here, it stars Julia Roberts (or her alternate universe counterpart). It’s about a woman who goes through some personal struggles, and through determination and strength of will, she raises herself to a certain battle, a key moment in her life, and just as that time begins, when she needs all of her focus for whatever this event is, she is visited by a spirit, an apparition, and while it means her no harm, it is also not there to help her.

At this point she says things like, “Can anyone else see this?!”, and people around her just look at her like she’s crazy. This isn’t the end of the movie, or in the beginning, it’s at a key point in the movie. This spirit has come to her at this important moment in her life, presumably with an important message, and she has to decide what to do, has to decide who she is.

I write all of this both so that I can remember it, and so that I can share my surprise that upon waking up that this movie doesn’t exist in this world.

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