A game with self-powered frisbees and boomerangs

June 14, 2014

In a dream this morning I was being taught how to play a game with devices that were like self-powered frisbees, boomerangs, and other shapes. You’d split into teams, then use strategy tactics like you would in Othello (or maybe chess) to throw the devices into the other teams area(s). Because the devices were powered, they could hover for long periods before descending, and perform other maneuvers depending on how you threw them. If the other team could get to the devices they could throw them back as well.

We were playing in an outdoor beach area with many trees, like a large bar I know in Florida. In fact, we were at a bar, playing in an area isolated from the rest of the bar area, with others watching and cheering as we played. It was a nice combination of physical activity, teamwork, and strategy.

This was my first time playing, so I had a teacher who was to my left, and behind me. I’d ask, “What does this one do?”, “How do I throw it?”, and so on. At the same time my other teammates were yelling at me, in general telling me to play better, lol.

Had I been more awake I would have liked to study the power systems of the devices, but as it was it was a fun way to spend my morning.

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