Brief OBE, earthquake

June 18, 2014

I was very tired again this afternoon, so I took a nap. I briefly napped, woke up, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed. This time I tried to fall asleep as slowly as possible. It’s a challenge, but I keep telling myself, “relax, release” to get to that point, while also trying to remain conscious.

I was successful with that today and the usual “sucking” sounds starts off and on. After a little while I felt myself drifting up from my body, and as I did so I attempted to lift my “head” so I could see, and I saw a wall in front of me. As I started to try to do more I felt my whole environment move one way, then the opposite direction, then back again. I didn’t know what to make of it, but it kept going on.

I’ve been in earthquakes before in the physical world, and this didn’t feel exactly like that, although it was close enough that if you said it was an earthquake in an OBE I would have said, “Okay, I believe you.” The rocking and rolling felt a little too slow for an earthquake here, but I’m not an expert on how things feel here vs there. I had my bedroom window open and could also here people talking outside, and whether they were also here or there I don’t know, but they were yelling with some panic in their voices, so I assumed we were having an earthquake, so I woke myself up.

When I got up everything seemed fine here, and much quieter than where I was, so I assume it was some sort of event “over there.” I tried to get back to the same state, but I couldn’t, so I got out of bed and after this post I’ll resume my normal daily duties.

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