A test; vomitting after dreams; Assyrian religion; California kidnapping

July 9, 2014

I only scored an 86 on a test given during a dream that ended at 3am this morning. As I told the instructor, this has been a very difficult night, and while I normally wouldn’t be happy with an 86, for tonight it would have to do. (The test was related to something like yoga, though I can’t remember it very well.)

The thing I’ve found is that whenever you think your mind is empty, very old thoughts get sucked out of your brain/subconscious and are brought back to the surface for you to deal with. It’s like an empty mind is a vacuum that sucks memories out of a dark forest. There’s a saying that, “If you haven’t cried you’re not really practicing Zen”, and over the last 18 months or so I think I’ve learned what that means.

(After writing that paragraph earlier this morning, I proceeded to vomit from the intense emotion I was feeling.)

Ancient Assyrian teachings

The thing that made me so emotional was the teachings I was being taught before I took the test (where the test was unrelated to the teachings, like two different courses at a university).

During the teachings I was being taught about ancient Assyrian religious rituals. They were explained to me as being related to something like six (or possibly seven) levels, and as they were shown to me they showed me six sheets of something like plywood laid on top of each other. This was important to their teaching, as they were trying to show me that the levels were distinct, stacked upon each other, and a few other things I can’t remember.

In fact, that’s probably what made me more upset than anything: I promised these people I would remember their teachings, but then when the teachings were followed up with other, unrelated stuff and then the yoga test, it was hard to recall much of the teachings. So I felt very disappointed, like I had (have) greatly let these people down. (And hours later, I still feel that way.)

Woman kidnapped in California

Before these teachings there was also something to do with a woman being kidnapped in California. Unfortunately I don’t remember any of those details at all.

Later dreams

Between 3am and 4:30am there were more detailed dreams, something to do with “Citidyne” or something like that, which I kept trying to make into Citibank. Then someone in a large financial institution was trying to show me some sort of invention related to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi electronics device.

After 4:30am my other dreams were various forms of nonsense, and I’ve made no effort to remember them.

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