New mantra - Help mankind and the universe/world

July 13, 2014

I started using a new “mantra” this morning, and while I’m still working on it, it currently goes like this: “Dear World, use me as you see fit to help mankind and the world.” By this I mean, “Show me things that I can use to help the world and/or people in the world.”

This comes from two things. First, there are times in my meditation practice where I don’t have any specific goals I want to achieve. So rather than try to force something, I just want to open myself (my human experience) up to helping mankind.

Second, last winter for the first time I used a vision I had to interrupt something I saw, basically a person dying. Rather than allow him to die, I said something about the vision to someone else, and while everything else in my vision happened as I saw it, the part about him dying did not happen, which I hope had something to do with me saying something about it to a person close to him. Maybe she changed her behavior just slightly in regards to him, or maybe my caring about him enough to say something changed his path; I don’t know. I only know that everything else in my vision happened, but then I didn’t get the phone call about him dying.

So, if there’s anyway I can help mankind or the world/universe, I’m trying to be more open to that.

Side story - Unhappy endings

As a side note, this particular incident makes me think that I want to write a story about this episode. The reason for that is that even though I thought I was doing something good by saying something to this person about the other person who was clearly going to die, that person who was going to die hasn’t completely changed his ways, and is still on the path of self-destructive behavior. (Alcoholism is involved.) So I think there’s a story in there. They touched on this a little bit in episodes of tv shows like Medium or The Dead Zone, but because those always seem to want happy endings, they never seem to go completely down this road.

Update: July 30, 2014

I just ran across this comment on an Amazon.com book review, and want to note it here: “We are told that it is essential to always approach the practice (Tibetan Tantra practice) with the motives of awakening and benefit for other sentient beings.”

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