The connection between the physical body and the dream state

July 17, 2014

The connection between the physical body and the dream state is often interesting. During a dream this morning I started having a cramp in my right leg, but it felt like a “dream cramp” as opposed to a real cramp. That is, I didn’t know for sure that I was really having a cramp in my right leg, it was just a cramp in the dream; it seemed just like any other dream-like thing that might happen in the dream state.

Fortunately I was awake enough in the dream to realize what was happening, and that was that my right leg in my physical body really was cramping. So I woke myself up, immediately found that yes, my right leg was cramping. So I grabbed it, tried massaging the area that was cramping, and eventually I was able to walk around a little bit.

Other physical sensations that affect sleep

You’ll run into many similar situations when you’re in the dream state, where something related to your physical body will affect your dreams. The most common for me is having to go to the bathroom. If I’m not awake enough during a dream I’ll often go from bathroom to bathroom trying to pee, but being unable to. At some point I always realize, “Hey, your body needs to go to the bathroom, you better wake up.”

Other common things that can happen to your physical body is to have light or sound affect your dreams. For me, the light usually comes into play around sunrise, and of course sounds can happen at any time, which is one reason I usually like to live in quiet neighborhoods.

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